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about passion

The Brand

BOEM is all about creativity, individuality and expression, born out of the passion for art, clothing and good quality design. The brand aims to create a timeless style based on aesthetic rather than trends. Influenced by a mixture of stimuli and subcultures, we create unique content that blends the past with the present. Our inspiration can be derived from various sources, such as a legendary artist, a citya feeling. Catering for the contemporary urban individual, our clothing and artworks are all created with a focus on the quality of materials and craftsmanship. Apart from communicating our own art we would like to think of BOEM as a platform for collaborating with like-minded people, artists and creators, on new projects and products. We would love to hear from you.

The Artist

BOEM is the artist name of company founder George Kostoglou, an avid enthusiast for creativity and urban culture. An Architecture graduate, a graffiti artist since the age of ten, and a skateboarder since the age of twelve. George has always been seeking inspiration and personal development. Since discovering the beautiful world of photography he has been experimenting and exploring the perception of his surroundings. Music has always been at the forefront of his interests, either getting inspired from it, or expressing himself through it. As an Architecture graduate, design and craftsmanship have always been vital towards his way of thinking. The creation of BOEM as a brand has helped him convey his art and sense of style, as well as creating the things he was looking for but couldn’t find. Being a supporter of anything creative, he believes the best way forward is achieved by embracing art and creativity through collaborations between people. ‘Let’s unite and create!’

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